How You Title Assets Impacts Your Estate

Estate Plan

The way in which assets are titled can be vital.

Do Young Adults Need Estate Planning?


These days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by many things such as politics, gas prices, the gyrating stock market, summer travel, heatwaves and your health. One thing that shouldn’t overwhelm you is estate planning.

Why Is Having a Will Important?

carol grant last will and testament

A striking proportion of Americans don’t have one. Nontraditional families are left uniquely vulnerable.

What to Know About Finances Before Getting Married

What Should I Know about Finances Before Getting Married Again?

You may want to consider some financial issues before walking down the aisle again.

Why Do So Few Black Americans Have Wills?

estate planning and elder law

When actor Chadwick Boseman died, he didn’t have a will. Neither did recording artists Prince and Aretha Franklin. Each time the news broke, there was surprise that such notable names hadn’t made estate plans. Yet, estate planning isn’t as common as experts argue it should be, particularly among Black Americans.

How Do I Write a Will?

how to avoid probate

Dying without a will can be costly and eliminate your ability to plan or provide for loved ones.

Estate planning and Children from first marriage

Do my husband’s minor children from a prior marriage have any rights to any marital assets acquired during our marriage in the event he dies before me?

Should Britney Spears Sign a Prenup?

Britney Spears’s engagement to Sam Asghari has her concerned fans urging her to “sign a prenup” — and her future husband has responded.

Do a Married Couple without Children Need a Will?

In fact, many couples with no children mistakenly believe that they are less likely to need a last will and testament than couples with children.


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